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Hi, meant to introduce myself and let people know who the heck

is producing this fabulous blog that probably, nobody will ever

read.  I’m Scott Briggs, a writer and media guy from Long Island, N.Y.

who loves Horror/Fantasy/SF fiction and films and rock music,

guitars, films, collecting rare, antiquarian books and signed ltd.

editions, and loves perusing actual bookstores, record shops,

etc., and feels the internet culture and e-commerce and e-books

are killing off all of that stuff that I love, and I know I’m not

alone in feeling that way.  So I wanted to start a blog to

communicate my feelings on these topics, and hopefully

connect with other like-minded people online.

As for my own writing, I’ve been published in a bunch of

books the past five-seven years including from McFarland

Inc. and Greenwood Press, working with H. P. Lovecraft

author S. T. Joshi for some of them. I’m attaching some

amazon links to a few of the titles I’ve written essays

and scholarly pieces for the past several years:


The Encyclopedia of the Vampire (Greenwood Press):

Supernatural Literature of the World (Greenwood Press, 3 vols.):

Dissecting Hannibal Lecter (essays on the novels of Thomas Harris):

American Exorcist (essays on the work of William Peter Blatty):

The Man Who Collected Psychos (essays on the work of Robert Bloch):

I also indexed a volume on fantasy author Fritz Leiber for Ben Szumskyj and McFarland:


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