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My friend Sam Gafford, otherwise an original member of the Providence Pals
Lovecraft Mafia/Gang/Writer’s and Fans Club a long time  before I, the eponymous
and self-proclaimed “Dagon Kid,” entered the fold in 1982, urged me to do this blog, so his
recently created/updated blog on classic turn o’ the century weird fiction author William Hope
Hodgson gets top billing here.  Hodgson was author of hard-to-pigeonhole classics like
The Night Land, The House on the Borderland, The Boats of the Glen Carrig, Carnacki
The Ghost Finder
and other weird sea-faring and cosmic supernatural fiction:

Hippocampus Press is run by my good friend Derrick Hussey, it’s been going strong
for over 10 years now, my mom even does some of the book design for most titles,
and I would be very remiss indeed if I didn’t put up the link to his site, since if you’re
seriously into Lovecraft, weird fiction and SF/Fantasy you will want to be plugged into
what Derrick is releasing next, and the unbelievable plethora of titles he’s already
released.  Plus, unlike quite a few more recent small presses we could name, his
prices are kept reasonable and never exorbitant or totally over the top as many new
publishers in the field are.  S. T. Joshi and I met Derrick Hussey when he was working
at Routledge Press in NYC in the late 1990s, and S.T. proposed over dinner with yours truly
present, that he start his own small press in the field, and the rest is history.  I have seen
a few Hippocampus titles on sale at The Strand NYC so they are getting into actual brick n mortar
shops, though you’re better off buying direct from Derrick for extra goodies and other special offers.

ABE Books Rare Book Marketplace, one of the few worthy things online
I’ve been buying a lot of my recent books on ABE since I have nowhere in the
tri-state area left any longer to buy things like Arkham House books, signed
editions, antiquarian books or anything remotely of the sort.   No folks, Barnes and
Noble just doesn’t cut it.  Borders Books was better by far but now we don’t even
have that!  A pathetic and sad situation.  The music industry is no better and you all
and the book business and retail big box losers will all pay for this and answer for it
later when you realize you’ve turned America into a gigantic soulless strip mall with
nothing to recommend it and no culture of its own left.  Consider yourselves warned.
You’ve allowed this to happen and stood by while an entire culture has been allowed
to be destroyed and have let the Great Unwashed Clodhoppers win.  You are all guilty
and especially the clueless music industry.  Have fun getting laid off forever.

Cellar Stories, Providence, Rhode Island.  I haven’t been in the actual shop in ages,
but they seem great and have some great deals, will ship anywhere, and they’re
big Lovecraft supporters so that’s good enough for me! One of the few good indie
used and rare bookstores in Providence, from what Sam Gafford tells me of late.

Riverrun Books, Hastings-On-Hudson, N.Y., an hour drive max. from NYC or L.I.

A pretty good old-school indie bookstore that has recently downsized from their
two storefronts to one, and is quite cluttered and doesn’t really encourage browsing,
but their online catalog is well worth a search for some very reasonable goodies,
although I notice other items are absurdly overrpriced such as some Stephen King
and Anne Rice signed ltd. edition pieces.  Hastings is a charming, scenic old historic town to
just walk around and explore and the shop is located literally 2 minutes’ walk from
the Metro North railroad station platform.

The Montclair Book Center, Montclair, N.J. (orig. the Passaic Book Center and a revenant of its
former self, sadly–not a total waste of time, but close)
This place is ok but really not near its former glories and esp. as it was in the Passaic NJ location
years and years ago.  At least the page has a photo of the storefront but I couldn’t find a photo
of the old Passaic shop or street, sad to say.  Both are pretty plain-looking places but when
you walked into the Passaic shop you knew were in serious book-hunting country, and no mistaking it.

BookThugNation, Williamsburg, Brooklyn NYC–another exemplary indie bookstore with fair prices–I’m
posting a link to the Yelp page for this store, since posting their direct weblink redirects to nothing! Nice going BookThugNation, you guys have a good shop, but need to learn how to do basic HTML or put up a real web site instead of a simple blog that redirects to zero.  But I do love your shop!

Gary Lachman aka Gary Valentine of Blondie– go to his site, now, and get his books they’re great!!

Kim’s Music and Video, East Village, NYC
This place is still way cool even after having moved several years ago over
from its orig. St. Marks Place location to 1st Ave., I just wish it had kept
more of the book department that it used to have after the move. Most of the
books are now gone, a few on music and rock/punk etc., but mainly just
good for music and films now, esp. good for indie, offbeat, cult, horror,
etc. and mainly for rock and pop music but the prices are often a bit
high, at least for new CDs and vinyl, used are usually a good bargain.
One thing that aggravates me is their film department is immense and
takes up more than half the store above music, but why are the prices
so absurdly high?  I guess cause they’ve cornered that market in NYC now,
but then again Criterion Collection films are expensive no matter what,
so go figure, I guess.  I just balk at paying some of the highballed prices
at this place, although I love their music selection and the help are
reasonably friendly for an East Village hipster type shop.

Academy Records Annex, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, N.Y.
This place blows away most current indie record shops in NYC and
even other places in Williamsburg, great for rare vinyl of all genres,
but also used CDs and there’s a really cute tabby cat with white paws
waiting to greet you as you shop.  I found a CD of The Soft Boys Underwater Moonlight
2-CD reissue there last year for $10 you cannot beat that and the copy was mint condition.

Spoonbill and Sugartown Books, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, N.Y.
This was the first bookstore I discovered on a few forays into Williamsburg
several years ago.  It’s great mainly for books on art and art history, art theory,
philosophy/metaphysics, social theory, pop culture, music, rock music, and some general literature
and underground type literature and new offbeat releases are always featured on their main tables
closest to the front entrance.  It’s part of the small Williamsburg mall which is
mainly good for expensive chotchkas and overpriced audio goods, otherwise, not much else, but Spoonbill’s
prices are generally reasonable and they also have a nice assortment of indie and offbeat
‘zines and culture/arts magazines at front.  they do have some rare and ltd. edition
type books but not tons, maybe more stock in back if you ask them.

Mr. Cheapo’s Records, Mineola, L.I. NY, one of the few extant decent record shops on Long Island
This place is ok for rock and pop and classic rock in particular, and cheap or semi-cheap
vinyl LPs, but the owner/primary manager is a bit of a nasty wanker, staff very rarely helpful, and their CD
trade-in values are horrendous, don’t waste your time and hold onto your CDs! if possible.

Other Worlds Bookstore/Paul Dobish, Book Dealer extraordinaire
Paul, sadly, doesn’t have a brick and mortar retail shop any longer, he told me
he folded up the retail shop in 1998, but he’s still doing business online, and
he’s still one of the best, fairest, and most knowledgeable
Horror/SF/Fantasy and antiquarian book dealers in the world, he knows his stuff
backwards and forwards and can be counted upon to deliver the goods,
as promised, every single time.

S. T. Joshi – World Expert on H. P. Lovecraft and a good friend of mine since 1983!

site for Morton Feldman and his music, live performances, etc. thank the Gods this site’s still going strong!

SoundFix Records, Williamsburg, Brooklyn NYC yeah there’s tude in WBurg but go there and buy real records and CDS! now!

The Book Barn, Niantic, CT Old School Bookshop 3 locations way cool with cute cats
Their downtown location has some Horror, Fantasy and tons of SF,
but ditto as The Book Revue below, great for general used copies but
almost useless for rare or antiquarian books.

The Book Revue, Huntington, Long Island, NY
Good for used, remainder copies, and general fiction and nonfiction
but precious little else these days, almost no rare/antiquarian books,
and the ones they do have are totally overpriced and not much in the way
of horror/Fantasy or SF.

The Sisters Of Mercy home page:
Sometimes I wonder why I continue to hold a torch (carry the Torch for me) for a
band that has refused to release a new studio album, or sign a new recording deal since
1993, leaving thousands of fans disappointed and disgusted for years, but I don’t wonder
anymore, I just support their older music and live shows when they do them, but it’s
getting a bit absurd by now.  He’s making it into a nostalgia act by NOT putting out
a new album, so he’s defeated his own purpose, in my opinion.  But they still have done
at least three great albums over the years, for what it’s worth.  But it’s a shame about
Andrew Eldritch’s ego and stubbornness, it used to seem like bravado now it just seems
like an over-active ego on an over-active, self-defeating ego trip.

The Strand Bookstore NYC:
Still a great shop and well worth visiting, if not as fantastic as it once was,
and a damned sight more commercialized than it once was. Their rare book
3rd floor has some finds but not many, mainly to be avoided as they overprice
almost everything truly rare or autographed by the author.


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