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Figured I’d mention what I’ve picked up lately, mostly online,
since you know that score already if you’ve read the rest of this blog.

Music:  got reissue of Peter Murphy Should The World Fail To Fall Apart CD (a reissue
of his 1986 1st complete solo studio LP) which was released in July, 2011 from the Cherry Red UK label.
licensed from Beggars Banquet, a 2 CD edition with booklet.   The booklet and liner notes were
ok the notes could’ve been a lot better/more extensive and would probably have been better-penned
by someone more an expert on Bauhaus and Peter Murphy, such as Steve Webbon of
Beggars Banquet UK Records.  I have both Bauhaus boxed BB reissues out so far,
which are of the albums In The Flat Field and Mask, both superb reissues that were
realized with extra loving care.  I had some e-mail correspondence with Steve Webbon
during the first Bauhaus reunion tour in 1998 and he sounds a superbly nice bloke.
The reissue of Should The World disc 2 which compiles all the extended mixes and b-sides
and some unissued stuff like a cover version of Bowie’s “Stay,” which makes the whole thing
essential to Peter Murphy fanatics.

Also awaiting cheap copy of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’
Playback 6-CD box set from 1995 in the mail this week via Long overdue purchase there.
Mainly I get my music lately via subscription to iMesh music service, I only knuckled under
to web-based music downloading since A. the record shops are gone from my area and
B. it’s a lot cheaper and easier than even iTunes, which I find absurdly expensive and
to have a fairly limited selection.  I’ve heard good things about Spotify but since I prefer
to own my music it doesn’t really appeal to me right now.  Although iMesh you’re
really just renting the music rather than owning it, unless you care to double-purchase it,
which I do not.


It appears I just managed today (7/27) to replace my unwillingly sold copy of the Arthur
Machen Covici-McGee 1923 limited edition of The Shining Pyramid via another ABE book
dealer, John K King Used & Rare Books, Detroit, MI, it’s a curiously un-numbered
and slightly worn copy but for $28 I’m not complaining, since this is actually less money
than I’d paid for my original copy from the 1995 rare book show in NYC where I’d first
obtained the copy, which was at least $40 at the time.  Most copies of this book are selling
nowadays for at least $100 on up, so I think this is a fair deal even if the copy isn’t pristine.

Last night I received my bit dog-eared copy of the 2005 pbk. reissue of Colin Wilson’s The Mind
Parasites, with new introduction by Gary Lachman, he mentioned it to me on his blog and
of course I had to go get a copy.  Looks great!  Some bookstore in Seattle sent this to me,
don’t recall the shop but will have to research them.

H. P. Lovecraft. Dagon and other Macabre Tales, Arkham House, 1965, 2nd printing, $40.
Got this copy from Cellar Stories in Providence, Rhode Island, a steal at that price.

—- Also was awarded yet another Barnes And Noble H.P.L. (H.P. Lovecraft: Great Tales of Horror) Fall River
Press edition for my birthday recently, a hardcover sort of “best of” of the much larger faux leatherbound
hc edition Complete Fiction of which the corrected and final edition was released in late
2011, and is a must-purchase at $20.  The 20 Best Horror Tales is nice too, as kind of a
best of the best of the fiction, although there are of course, plenty of other such collections
out there right now.  My old friend and horror expert/critic Stefan Dziemianowicz
wrote the introduction to this shorter collection, as he works for Barnes and Noble
the publishing division and this is a Fall River Press/Barnes and Noble edition, published Jan. 2012,
according to the Barnes web site.

Peter Straub. Shadowland.  1980, Coward, McCann and Geoghegan 1st ed., 1st printing, hardcover edition,
signed and inscribed twice by the author.  $25.  Got this from Other Worlds Books in
Providence, leave it to Paul Dobish to offer such an amazing deal.

Arthur Machen. The Shining Pyramid. Alfred A. Knopf, NY, 1925, hc with d.j., $35
This was obviously not the absolute 1st edition, or even 1st American, but it’s a nice ed.
and the price was right. Got this on a recent jaunt up to the small but cool Hastings-On-Hudson, N.Y.,
shop Riverrun Books.  The shop is cramped and not particularly set up for browsing, so it’s
best to peruse their online catalog before heading to their shop, or you can just order
online or call them up and they’ll ship your books right to ya.  Seeing copies going for well over
$100 on ABE so this was obviously a great bargain.

Ramsey Campbell. Needing Ghosts.  Legend editions UK, 1990, ltd. hardcover numbered and signed by the author
hc edition with slipcase of this superb horror novella.  Also got this from Riverrun Books, a steal at $25.

Dennis Etchison. The Dark Country. Scream/Press, 1985.  His first hc story collection
and still one of the best short horror modern fiction collections of all time as far as I’m
concerned.  Etchison’s early work was short sharp shock, to the point, urban paranoia type
psychological horror and rooted enough in reality to really give you lasting nightmares.  Got this cheap
via ABE from a dealer in Chicago, I believe, at $23 a steal.  If you can read Dennis’s
story “The Late Shift” and still go into your local 7-11 at 3 a.m., I salute you!  Signed copies
of this are going for upwards of $200 I notice, on ABE Books.  yikes.

Gary Lachman/Valentine.  New York Rocker.  Da Capo Press. pbk. edition.  Gary’s first
memoir about his time as bassist, founding member and songwriter in rock band Blondie
and related topics, follows Gary’s exploits from Bayonne NJ to oblivion!

Shirley Jackson.  Novels and Stories.  Library of America, 2010, hardcover.  As S. T. Joshi
related to me this week, Jackson puts most modern horror literature practitioners to great shame with her
artistry and that’s a direct quote from Mr. Joshi!  Go buy it! Now!  And not the e-book!
Although you’ll save a few bucks if you buy this from Barnes And Noble online.

Harlan Ellison. Shatterday. 1980, 1st printing ed. hardcover. $10.  Got this at The Book
Barn in Connecticut.  A decent copy of a fairly rare tome, but not that rare, and found
out later you can get it for $1 on ABE Books.  Too late.


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  1. I am green with envy over that Machen volume!

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