Weekend update and call for tips, memories of bookstores far and wide   Leave a comment

I meant to say if anybody actually finds this blog by chance

and likes it, I would love to hear from book and weird fiction collectors

and fans far and wide and about what the bookstore situation is in

your neck of the woods, if it’s shrinking or disappearing, and where

you shopped years ago if you were a fan from say, the 1960s-1990s

and what shops near where you lived did you buy from/frequent, etc.?

I know some folks used to have to rely on mail order dealers since

they weren’t lucky enough to live near places like The Strand or

Passaic Book Center, or Forbidden Planet (when it was good unlike now)

like I did in the 1980s in particular.   I used to also buy some books

and mags. from Robert Weinberg in the 1980s when I was first

getting into the field, he ran a mail-order only book business catalog

deal from his home in Chicago and that was great for when I couldn’t

get certain things from the local NYC shops or couldn’t get to the

city or NJ.  Nowadays all of this type of thing is online but at least

there’s still a market for that type of business.

I also meant to elucidate that I’m not anti-Internet bookselling and

the whole e-commerce explosion, if I were I wouldn’t be doing a blog,

but it seems to me otherwise that it’s not a good thing that bookstores

brick and mortar are closing up left and right around the world lately,

and I also mourn the loss of Tower Records and Virgin Store, since

these might’ve been big-box stores but they also had books and

magazines and were to be counted on for certain stock and music

and the latest releases, and now there’s zero left of that in my

neck of the woods, at any rate, which is highly irritating since it

means I’m usually forced to go online to download or purchase

music and books and films, but the worst part is with rare books

since I don’t like the idea of not being able to check out the copy

I’m buying ahead of purchase.   This is my main complaint about

E-bookshops but of course there’s also the local loss to our culture

and the arts and the community when things like book and record

shops shut down.   And as I say, e-books are cool and all but

they will never replace rare/antiquarian actual books and

limited editions, and indeed, shouldn’t.    I wanted to just clarify

that I’m indeed as big a techie PC and media nut as anybody online,

but there’s a limit and for those of us who are serious book, music,

and film collectors, digital copies are just not gonna cut it: they might

sometimes be convenient or cheaper, but they’re not worth zilch

from a collector’s standpoint.


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