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Just a fast post for today: been doing a ton of research today

on Brooklyn, N.Y. bookstores and even though a couple of good

indie shops have closed the past few years, there are apparently

still quite a few notable shops strewn around the borough,

including the apparently revered Free Bird Books in Carroll Gardens

(just north of Red Hook), The Community Bookstore in Park Slope

on 7th Ave., Unnameable Books in Ft. Greene, Babbo’s Books

at Prospect Park West or thereabouts, Court Books in Brooklyn

Heights, although the venerated Atlantic Books in Cobble Hill

apparently either closed recently, or is about to do so.

I’ll just post a quick Yelp page link to help folks get a bearing

on what shops are still extant in Brooklyn, and reviews

are often helpful on Yelp anyway.  I’ve also heard good

things about Greenlight Books over near BAM in

Prospect heights or Ft. Greene, but haven’t been there yet.

This is the trouble with living on L.I., you rarely get to

these places unless you work in the area, or live there,

and I don’t have the time or cash to hit up every one

of these shops often, and I’m also not certain if any

of these shops carry or specialize in Horror, Fantasy,

or SF books, but I’m trying to find out and contact

a few of them now.  I may also go visit this newer

shop PS Books, located up in the Dumbo area

near the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges,

as I’ve heard good things about this one,

and it opened its doors in 2006, which I believe

is a good sign, considering that means NYC

isn’t totally a dead zone for new indie book

and music shops as much I’d feared, and from

what I’ve read, their shop appears to be

thriving thus far.

I’m also hearing about some new book and

record shops (in some cases that actually

sell vinyl and such as well in large quantities)

in the Greenpoint and Bushwick, Brooklyn

areas, so that development is also, I’m sure,

a welcome change from recent trends and

maybe a sign that there might be some

hope for the growth of the indie shop

in the near future, at least as far as

hipster/affluent Brooklyn is concerned,

I can tell you one thing, that there’s nothing

like this happening out on Long Island,

which I hate to say is truly becoming a

dreadful vacuum/wasteland/cultural

Dead Zone of epic and depressing

proportions.  It’s nice that we have

Barnes and Noble but it just doesn’t

cut it for me as a real rare and used

book collector, sorry.  Shame on you

you redneck L.I. jerks you have no

brains or culture or anything worth

a damn.  Go to Roosevelt Field

to buy your Armani sweatpants

and fall into a Black Hole, please!!


Long Island = cultural Hell!!   Trust me

on that one, folks.  And, the Hamptons

don’t count, and they do NOT have any

good bookstores as far as I know, I’ve

tried to find some there and haven’t

found any yet worth a damn.  If there

are any out there I’d like to hear

about them, but I doubt there are,

and who the heck is going trek

all the way to East Hampton

just to buy books? Not I.


2 responses to “Brooklyn bookstores research

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  1. Nice to see that there are still some good bookstores in Brooklyn! May they continue to buck the trend.

  2. Sam,

    Yeah that’s just from some preliminary
    research. The trouble is I get to Brooklyn
    much more than Manhattan these days
    and at least you can drive there and get
    parking for the most part even in Dumbo,
    but some of those areas are tricky
    for driving and parking. I’m hoping
    to hit a few of those shops up real soon,
    especially PS Books in DUMBO since that
    I love that area anyway, great to walk
    around and browse the many shops
    and food places up there these days.
    When I was living in Downtown Brooklyn
    we had basically F.A. there of this type
    of thing! F.A. nada. zip. my battery’s
    about to die so I gotta run for now,
    thanks for the comment and I tried
    emailing some of these shops to see
    what in the field they carry, if anything,
    so far not much response today.
    It makes me wanna fairly weep though
    for Long Island, this place just does not care
    about books, learning, culture, nothing.
    All it cares about are its well-manicured
    lawns, the pools, the beaches, hitting
    the gym, tanning beds, cruising around in your
    lavish new car that you can’t even afford,
    and not even so much about that any longer.
    And the bloody Hamptons are great if
    you’re a billionaire but they still don’t have
    any decent bookstores. But you can
    get good and plastered and hang out
    with some rich heiress or Steven
    Spielberg’s nephew or whatever if
    you like. There’s one good bookstore
    left Huntington’s The Book Revue,
    and I hate to say it but even that place
    CANNOT compete with half of these
    places in Manhattan or Brooklyn, no
    way, no how. No comparison, which
    is another reason why if we lose
    more of those places we’ll be in real
    trouble, but it appears there’s SOME
    hope now, at least for Brooklyn…
    Queens doesn’t have squat, no good
    bookstores AT ALL. The Barnes
    And Noble in Forest Hills does NOT COUNT.


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