Brooklyn book jaunt and Peter Murphy live The Well 8/26 Sunday   2 comments

I haven’t posted anything in weeks ’cause been fairly busy,

and I also finally got a chance last Sunday to take a drive

to DUMBO Brooklyn N.Y. to check out P.S. Books for myself,

one of the newer shops in Brooklyn.  DUMBO is fairly

annoying and trendy and touristy these days, like TriBeCa

or SoHo in Manhattan but worse, but P.S. Books was a nice

shop, if a little bit overpriced on certain things, including

a couple of rare Algernon Blackwood and Arthur Machen

books that the shop was asking far too much for, such

as Machen’s The Glorious Mystery for $125 and

some other Blackwood book in a locked glass case

and they were asking $250 or something like that for

a book you can get online for at least half that price,

if not less (in fact, in both instances).  But I did find

a signed copy of the 1st edition of Peter Straub’s Ghost Story

hardcover for $30 so that was a find that made the

whole trip just about worthwhile. Otherwise,

DUMBO has just as much elitist attitude as the rest

of Williamsburg and E. Wmburg and Greenpoint.

I also tried to eat lunch from a ghastly awful joint

called Archway Cafe which I ended up slamming

later on a review on Yelp, and boy did it deserve

getting slammed!  A TERRIBLE joint serving

inedible food and nasty service and ‘tude.

Avoid at ALL COSTS.

And then I had to drive into Brooklyn again

this past Sunday for the Peter Murphy concert

8/26 at new venue The Well on Meserole Street,

which was in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, near Bushwick,

a fairly terrible area barren, desolate, but

plenty of parking at least.  I was not in a good mood

and I was hoping it was an indoor show but it was

an outdoor weird new venue with port o johns,

the barest bones bar and facilities which basically

for some reason infuriated me no end. I ended up

clearing out for four hours and coming back to the

place later after doing some other exploring

in Williamsburg proper, as I was far too early in

any case and not willing to sit through 3 crap

opening acts waiting for Peter to take the stage

which was at 8 p.m. thank goodness.

I also discovered a neat new roleplaying RPG/board gaming

shop over on Grand St. near Havemeyer Street and the BQE

a bit south of Metropolitan Avenue by sheer accident,

called the Twenty Sided Store, I’m not a gamer anymore

although I once indeed was big into all that stuff,

especially D&D and Lovecraftian gaming of various

sorts, and they have all that stuff there.  Here’s the

web site link if anybody is in the area and wants

to check them out, a nice bunch of folks and

I was able to chill there and vent my frustrations

to the nice folks (poor folks!) inside when I

walked in.  I bought a set of Steve Jackson Games

Cthulhu gaming dice(!) just for laughs,

hoping maybe it’ll inspire me to game again,

although since I don’t live in Brooklyn

and don’t know anybody who games this

will probably never happen.

The Peter Murphy concert was fantastic and a far

cry from a terrible show I had to suffer through

of his last year in Huntington, Long Island,

at a new venue The Paramount where there were almost no audience,

no decent sound, and no nothing and it sucked and

was utterly depressing.  I’ve seen Peter play a ton

of times so it’s rare that I’ve witnessed an off night

but last year was the fault of the venue totally and

entirely.   i don’t have time to review this show but

the Well was annoying but the show was great and

Peter and his new(ish) band were in fine form.

There was an after show VIP meet-and-greet being

offered for $80 but sorry Peter I don’t have the $

and I was extraordinarily pissed off because I had

items I would’ve liked to get autographed, and

also other hardcore fans  there told me the same

thing, that they did NOT purchase one and had

no plans to do so.  All of which is sad and depressing

in my humble opinion, i would’ve loved to go

“backstage” and do the VIP meet and greet

one of my heroes of all time thing, but

I just balked at the cost–actually, ok, I DID have the cash

and had it on me, but it was the principle of the thing in my

opinion.  Do these artists need the extra cash

bled out of their fans THAT badly!?  If so

that’s pretty pathetic.  It used to be

after a show the artists would hang out a bit

and sign things and talk to their fans,

or at the tour bus outside, or whatever,

stage door stuff, but then again if it was some

huge act at the Garden you’d need a backstage

pass to meet them anyway, but this wasn’t

that type of show, first and last of all.

Ultimately I sat it out and went home, but not

after driving  to get a fast bite at the always

reliable Oasis Falafel joint at N. 7th Street

in Williamsburg on Bedford Avenue (after finding out that

nothing decent in Greenpoint is open late

on Sunday which also sucked bigtime) and

almost feeling like knifing some street

derelict asshole who lumbered past  my car’s windshield

just as I was attempting to eat dinner,

and felt like goofily waving at me or gesturing/harassing me

but I saw this asshole coming and

made sure he knew I was not playing games

with him.  Prob. some homeless guy I dunno

but he was a real jerk and I was ready to

rumble for sure.   You don’t do that to me,

sunshine.   He’s seriously lucky I didn’t run him right down,

that’s about how angry I was by that point of the evening.

And everybody else in the falafel joint I went

into had a typical I’m such a hipster arse wanker,

I’m so snobby and better than you attitude it

wasn’t funny, like take a picture it lasts longer

you stupid pathetic staring m—-kers.    I pretty

much can’t stand Williamsburg the more I think about it.

It has some attractions but you can cut the snobby

elitist “ambience” with a knife every single time

you go there, so thus I don’t go there too often,

and DUMBO is kind of a fun area but it’s becoming

just as snobby and touristy if not worse,

so I don’t know how much I can take of that area

now, either.  I was glad to see Peter Murphy do a great

show but that was about all I was glad

about Sunday.   P.S. Books to sum up

from the previous Sunday was cool,

I’d recommend the shop wholeheartedly

but again some items are very overpriced

as near as I can tell, so be warned,

but they do have some good deals there

if you really search the place down.

But at least P.S. Books is a sign that

there are some new shops opening

in NYC so maybe the death of the bookstore

is not upon us totally yet.


2 responses to “Brooklyn book jaunt and Peter Murphy live The Well 8/26 Sunday

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  1. Good to see you back, Scott! And nice to hear some good things about a NYC bookstore. Like all of them, though, it seems that you have to shop carefully. Good deals can still be had if you look close enough!

  2. Thanks Sam, at least somebody is paying attention
    to this nonsense. Well, I have mixed feelings on
    P.S. Books, a nice shop and has great potential
    but these prices are mainly inflationary or fictitious,
    just because the owner sees the book was published
    in 1903 doesn’t automatically make it worth $300
    just because you saw one going for that on ABE
    or eBay or Amazon, and has to go into the dreaded locked glass case. And that’s the kind of nonsense I’ve been seeing
    of late which make me want to give up collecting
    rare books. I’m about 90 per cent there already,
    to be brutally honest. I also notice the new
    edition of Arkam Horror the HPL boardgame
    is $60 for basic edition and mucho money for
    the five million expansion sets you can buy.
    Since I could care less about gaming anymore
    this isn’t also seeming like a bargain, although
    the newer publishers of the revamped Chaosium
    boxed game at least did a nice job of making
    the new boxed edition attractive and I suppose
    you get your money’s worth but gosh.
    2012 Sticker Shock, although it’s still better than
    a $60 Algernon Blackwood book going for
    $250. That’s just NONSENSE.
    Just about ready to pack it in.

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