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Was once again reading up today on the Bushwick neighborhood

(Bushwick proper, as opposed to E. Williamsburg where I found

myself last weekend) in Brooklyn today via the web site Bushwick Daily which is

a fairly comprehensive guide to the area, and read this

article on another new bookstore Molasses Books which

just opened in late July.  Was also researching some of the

vittles in the area and they need some investigating as well!

Looks like some great cafes and Mexican restaurants

there, among other things.  Anyway, the new bookstore’s

basic info. is as follows: Molasses Books (770 Hart St) is

open daily from 8am to 8pm (except Mondays when they close at noon).

Looks like a small, humble and unassuming shop to

begin with, but it clearly has great potential.  This is another

shop I’m definitely hoping to check into soon.  Let’s

hope Matthew’s shop thrives and grows.  I’m looking

forward to a Bushwick that’s full of cool interesting

stuff like this with less of the effete “attitude” that plagues

Williamsburg and Greenpoint, at least, sometimes.

The article on the shop is here:

Seems like we’ve actually got some growth in the bookstore

world/market to report, at least in Brooklyn NYC, meanwhile

out here on L.I. the bookstores have mostly all but

disappeared, if anything.   I also thought it was a refreshing

thing to see an actual RPG gaming shop (Twenty Sided Store)

thriving in NYC (or anywhere) in Williamsburg, since

I think this seems to prove that that hobby is still somehow

growing, even with competition from computer gaming

and Web gaming and all that nonsense.  I couldn’t believe

that traditional RPG and “paper and pencil” and board

games are still going strong, but they are still selling

and being played as much as ever, at least if that

particular shop is any indication.  Similarly I feel

the growing market and demand for vinyl records

and turntables and retro. analog equipment etc.

is also a good thing, since it proves that even

if such items become a specialty at least there

will still be a supply and demand for such things

in the future and digital won’t completely

overrun the analog world!  And that goes for

books, music, games, or what have you. Or so

I fervently hope.

There’s also this new shop I just read about

as I was finishing this post today, it recently

opened up near  DUMBO/Vinegar Hill that

looks very promising indeed, focusing apparently

on our field of SF/Fantasy books and also publishing obscure and

neglected SF titles:–this new latest Brooklyn N.Y. shop is called

Singularity and Co. Hell, I used to live right

in this neighborhood once upon a time, and this

shop definitely sounds like I need to go check it out ASAP,

given its primary focus:


Meanwhile, as for my other digital or analog hobbies,

I upgraded my audio “rig” myself

this past week, adding a Fiio headphone amplifier

the E11-Kilimanjaro to my iPod Classic and Klipsch

ImageOne headphones, figuring if most of my listening is

going “digital” these days, I might as well

get the best sound out of my rig as possible,

and so far the Fiio amp is making a world of

difference in the sound and boost on the iPod

and only makes those Klipsch ‘phones sound

that much greater, and they already sound

really great on their own.   The Fiio E11 is also

small and portable and plus it has a replaceable

recharge battery unlike a lot of those devices,

so it’s not a throwaway item and it’s all USB

powered which is also really awesome.

I’m likin’ it! a lot!     I’m also glad it didn’t

cost $500 unlike some of those amps.

Rare books and audio are two areas where

I get pretty exacting in terms of quality

and being discriminating, although I’m not sure

I would describe myself as a total audiophile,

since for that it takes a fortune to spend anyway.

Audio is also pretty subjective: one person can

prefer Beats, Bowers & Wilkins, or Klipsch

or Shure headphones but it depends on what

sounds best to YOU not the cost of the cans.

Same with most audio equipment.   But I maintain

if you compare any of the above to the cheapest

pair of earbuds at Best Buy you WILL detect

a vast difference, depending on what you’re

playing them through.   And that’s enough of

that for this week!


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New Brooklyn shop may bear investigation   Leave a comment

During the Peter Murphy concert/excursion/day last Sunday,

I was tipped off by the gracious Lauren, one of the owners

of the Twenty Sided Store, the RPG/strategy gaming

folks to a new bookshop opening or just recently opened up

in Bushwick, Brooklyn, Human Relations Books, located

at 1067 Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn, N.Y., open 12-7 daily,

which is a few blocks south of Meserole and Grand St. where I was

seeing the show last week, and on Flushing Ave. which is

more or less also a “main” thoroughfare similar to

Grand St. or Metropolitan Avenue.  Sounds quite promising

from their web site although the site itself is bare bones

for now, can’t search their stock yet.  The web link is   Apparently this is a joint

venture with some of the folks from Williamsburg’s

quite excellent BookThugNation shop, which

I’d visited a couple of times the past

two years.  I don’t know if HumanRelations just

opened recently or in 2011 or what, but I have a feeling

it might be a place to go check out and I’m hoping

to do so over the next couple of months, as much

as Brooklyn can sometimes exasperate me!

For some reason I feel like Bushwick has more

character almost and less ‘tude than Williamsburg

or Greenpoint proper, and it’s obviously a neighborhood

on the verge of total rehabilitation and renovation,

at the very least.  I hope Human Relations turns out

to be a jewel in the crown, but there’s only one way

to find out, which is go over there and scope it the heck out.

I hope to do so by the end of September if not sooner.

That might also might be in or around the David J

(yes, the man from Bauhaus and Love and Rockets etc.!)

concert I just heard is happening on Tuesday September 25th

at The Delancey near the Williamsburg Bridge entrance

in Manhattan (at the corner of Rivington St.), a venue I’ve heard great

things about but haven’t had a chance to go investigate

as yet.  It looks VERY intimate indeed with

the music downstairs, main bar street level and a gorgeous

roof deck with view up top.  I hear tickets for David J are only $10 so no

excuses for that one, I’m definitely planning on

attending, plus David doesn’t exactly tour very

often, so catch him while you can and I saw him

live solo “in cabaret” as it were back around

1999 or so in NYC at another W. Village venue

and it was a fantastic show.  So that’s something

else to get frothing at the mouth about for

September.  I’m not usually a huge weekday night

concert fan, but hell, for David J I’ll try to make an

exception.  I tend to try to combine these

book/music NYC excursions since otherwise

it’s a royal pain in the arse to keep schlepping

it into NYC every single cultural “mission” I plan

to carry out and driving in from the cultural

wasteland that is Long Island as I currently

have no choice but to do.   Anyway David J’s

web site has links to buy tickets and

to the Delancey and various other venues

on his current tour.

Cheers to all you book lovers and music fanatics and fellow

wackos out there,


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