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I don’t know if anybody will even be reading this at this point,

or if they were at all previously, but it’s been a hideous last

month or more here in L.I., N.Y. and environs, no reason

to go into why since everybody knows about Hurricane Sandy

and all that, and what’s going on here.

My place didn’t get flooded but we all lost power

for days on end and such, and boy did it suck.

LIPA dropped the ball completely.  Their COO resigned.

Much of the south shore of Long Island

and NYC etc. are totally decimated.   The north shore of L.I.

doesn’t look too bad, we had tons of power outages and

trees and lines down but not too much flooding or storm

surge damage, thank goodness.   I managed, however,

to take a drive out to Huntington, L.I. the other day

and I also visited the once-indispensable

The Book Revue again, but I’m sad

to report that I think that shop has outlived its usefulness,

and is picked over totally and is not seemingly adding much

new used or new stock to speak of, which is highly

disturbing.   This might be the last time I go out there

for a long, long time, sad to say.  I hardly found anything

worth buying this trip.  This was a rather disappointing

and depressing trip this time around, all told.

I did, however, manage to see the great Steve Forbert and

Karla Bonoff (didn’t really know her beforehand but

she’s a very accomplished songwriter/singer who

did that song “Personally” years ago which I did know but

she didn’t write that one!) live at the local Landmark Main

St. Jeanne Rimsky Theatre in Port Washington L.I. this past Friday night:

it’s a great venue but the sound was extraordinarily uneven tonight,

Steve Forbert’s vocals and guitar needed to be cranked

wayyyy up volume-wise and nobody ever corrected it,

and his voice was a bit out and rough, and I’ve seen him do much

finer shows the past few years in NYC, but overall the

entire show was solid enough, and Karla Bonoff’s music

was a pleasant surprise even though it’s not my usual

cup of tea of which Forbert’s is much more mine.  We

managed to grab some of his CDs during intermission

and wend our way through the chaos and speak to

Steve again briefly and get some CDs signed, including

my cherished new copy of the Alive On Arrival (his debut

LP from 1979 with “Going Down To Laurel” and “It Isn’t

Gonna Be That Way” on it) deluxe 2-disc reissue, which is fantastic.

Still haven’t made it again to the newer bookstores

in Brooklyn and DUMBO, and also, I’m now hearing

reports that many businesses in that area are flooded out

and/or destroyed, so who knows what’s going on, or

when anybody will be able to get over there and

when some of those shops will re-open for business.

For one, I hear PowerhouseArena the art bookstore

and art space is flooded out and they lost all their

stock, including holiday stock, so that’s one store

in DUMBO that is going to take some time to

get back in the game.    I tried to call the newer

Science Fiction bookshop over there Singularity and Co.

but thus far I haven’t heard from them about their

status, or if they sustained storm damage.

Basically I lost three weeks of potential NYC

bookhunting and other stuff to the storm and

other complications and none too pleased about it.

I was also hoping to take a trip to Philadelphia

to do some book and music store hunting there,

which I’m afraid will have to wait for better weather/times

before I can do that.   I did also manage to drive

out to Newton, New Jersey a few weeks ago before

the storm hit and see The Smithereens once again

deliver a rousing/cracking good show at The Newton

Theater there.  A scarily rural and downhome section

of New Jersey but the locals were unfailingly nice,

the show was great, had a front row seat, and

also met the band again afterwards and got

some more CDs signed once again.  The weather

that day was rain all the way from the G.W. Bridge

and it was a long, long trek to and from, but

at least the show and the unwavering congeniality of

the band made it all worthwhile.  Sadly,

Newton NJ does not boast a single book or record

shop.   This is a sad situation.  Not even a single

Starbucks to be found, either, but maybe that’s

actually a positive?   Not to my mind, but I’d

still rather have found a decent book or record

store and found zero.   The Newton Theater

is the renovated former main town movie theater

and is now a privately run music venue as of

2011, seats about 800 people max. a glorious

venue and my front row left seat was absolutely

amazing.   As Dennis Diken of the band commented

mid-way through the show, “this was a movie theater right?

I think I saw Jaws II here….”

























































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