Visit to a horrible bookstore on Long Island (sadly)   2 comments

Sorry everyone (all three readers of this blog)

that I haven’t posted in months, been preoccupied with other things and not that up to writing much of late.

However, I visited this awful bookstore recently in Bellmore, Long Island, NY and wanted to warn

everyone and anyone to stay far away from it!  It’s horrible and the owner is an obnoxious troll.

A nasty man that nobody should ever do any business with.  Here is my review of the place,

copied from a recent Yelp review that I’d posted about the shop, Booklovers Paradise, which

turned to be more like Book Nazi Purgatory.  I found it sad that with so few actual bookstores

left on L.I. or even in the tri-state area, we have to put up with a promising indie shop ruined

by it being run by a nasty, obnoxious cretin!    Guy wanted $700 for a few issues of the old

Crypt of Cthulhu magazine.  Ridiculous!  He’s insane.

In any case, I’ll try to come back on soon and post some other recent news including some

musical events.   Back in May I went over to Williamsburg Brooklyn to see a film about Nick

Drake A Skin Too Few, and Joe Boyd was there in person presenting the film and doing Q/A,

showing music clips afterwards in the bar, and signing books and CDs and other things.

I managed to have Joe autograph my copies of R.E.M.’s deluxe Fables of the Reconstruction

album, as well as my Nick Drake Fruit Tree box set and the Sandy Denny box set that Joe

had produced years ago, Who Knows Where Time Goes?.   Also got a copy of Joe’s book

White Bicycles: Making Music in the 1960s and he autographed that as well.  I’ll come back

later on and post more about this and other recent events.  I also visited BookThugNation

on that trip around the corner from Metropolitan Avenue and Nitehawk Cinema,

I spotted not that much that turned me on this visit but they did have a copy of Arthur

Machen’s The Terror (1960s hardcover reprint edition by Knopf or something) for

maybe $35 but I thought it was maybe a tad high for that edition, so didn’t buy it,

plus I own most of the other Machen books in various editions including S.T. Joshi’s

definitive Chaosium editions, so didn’t really need an older copy.  But BookThugNation

still seems to be a great shop and I do hope to return again soon and see what else

is there.  Otherwise the fantasy section this time around wasn’t all that fantastic,

mainly very prosaic type selections and not much Lovecraft to be found this time around.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s my excoriation of this terrible bookshop in

Bellmore!  I do hope nobody shops there and I wouldn’t step foot in the place for any reason,

any day of the week, ever.


Booklovers Paradise

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2972 Merrick Rd Ste A
Bellmore, NY 11710

3 reviews in English

  • Review from Scott B.

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    Port Washington, NY


    Where do I even begin? First of all, make no mistake, the two bad reviews below
    are spot-on: do NOT patronize this kook’s absurd excuse for a bookstore.  Secondly,
    in my case, you must keep in mind that I’ve A. been a serious book collector since
    around 1981, when I first got seriously into author H. P. Lovecraft and Fantasy/Horror
    fiction and SF fiction and nonfiction/criticism and B. I’ve also been an established,
    known author and critic in those fields both pro. and non-pro. since almost that long.
    I know the rare and SF/Horror/Fantasy book markets in and out. I know the field backwards and forwards, I know book values backwards and forwards, and I know the publishers, authors, editors, and everything else in the field backwards and forwards.

    First of all the store is indeed a mess, with crap piled high to the rafters and junk
    and books and other things blocking some of the aisles making it a real feat to
    try to browse the place, but ok, sometimes that’s fun.  It’s not organized very well
    but there’s maybe some method to the madness here.  The ONLY book I saw
    here, the 1989 Collected Stories of Richard Matheson (yeah, he’s a good writer
    but OVERRATED and he’s no Lord Dunsany or Arthur Machen or even HPL!)
    the signed, deluxe, slipcased edition this guy wanted $150 for: later research
    revealed that this edition goes for as high as $500 on ABE Books, but we all
    know now that most of the dealers on there are full of s–t and are highballing
    prices these days to the skies and there’s no way to know, sometimes, what
    the real general range value of a book is anymore, and there are no price
    guides worth a damn in the field to guide you.  So it’s easy to get ripped off.
    However, in this one case, this kook’s store seemed at least semi-reasonable
    with this one title.  But, who is blowing $150 for a Richard Matheson signed
    ltd. edition in this day and age on L.I.? Nobody, that’s who.  And I’m a Matheson
    fan.  There are cheaper editions of his collected works that one could collect
    unless one MUST own the signed 1989 ltd. edition, ok?

    But otherwise, this guy had two other offerings that made me want to either laugh
    in his face, or cry.  One was a 1977 set of books ghostwritten by Horror
    author Ramsey Campbell (as Carl Dreadstone), who I’ve met at least four times since the late 1980s and own countless signed editions of his: granted this set of his
    ghostwritten Universal Horror film “novelizations” is a bit rare but you can find
    the individual paperbacks easily online cheaply, but this character at this shop
    wanted something like $200 for the slipcased paperbacks, and no, it wasn’t
    autographed by Ramsey.  Overpriced, even though a tad rare? Yep.  Also,
    he had a bag full of LATER (not early!) issues of the magazine Crypt of
    Cthulhu which I even wrote for as a young high school lad and I’m friends with
    Robert M. Price who published the magazine, for years.  I asked this guy
    what he wanted for the 26 issues and he quoted us $700 the set. This is just outrageous.  The very early issues (#1-15 or so) of Crypt are maybe worth a bit more these days but the later ones are simply NOT worth as much. They are easily obtained cheaply on Amazon or Ebay for modest prices. At this point I was really getting disgusted.

    But the final and most important reason not to patronize this dreadful shop
    is that the owner is utterly and totally obnoxious beyond all belief.  I made
    the grave error, apparently, of making some remark as we walked in here
    about not having megabucks these days to collect as once I did, or something,
    which apparently gave this cretin license to basically ignore me, and make
    later untoward and nasty comments such as “I don’t know if I have any other
    items you might like since I’m reluctant to show them to you since you
    cannot meet my prices,” or, “young man come back when you have a job
    and can spend the money and have your mother buy you books” (my mom
    happened to be with me when we visited this retarded shop!).

    First of all, this assclown had no idea what money I might or might not have, and
    had no business asking what job I might have, or assume (as he clearly did)
    that I DIDN’T have a job or money enough to meet his absurdly inflated
    book prices!  Why anybody would EVER give this guy ANY money for
    anything at all in this shop I do not know.  All I know is I bought NOTHING
    and will NEVER, EVER return or buy a single thing at this abortion of a book
    shop.  And it’s sad since if the place was taken over by an actual human
    being and organized and repriced properly and catalogued properly, it could
    possibly be the best remaining indie bookstore on L.I. (and we basically have
    almost zero left anyway), but as it is, it is a nightmare on wheels.

    My advice?  AVOID AT ALL COSTS.  If you want something like Richard
    Matheson’s Collected Stories, go online and check some specialist
    dealers like Other Worlds in R.I., Ebay, ANYTHING but this obnoxious man’s
    horrible tourist trap.

    Was this review …?



2 responses to “Visit to a horrible bookstore on Long Island (sadly)

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  1. Scott, Glad I found this. I live in the same town as you (as per Yelp) on Long Island. I blog on books and writing at Also, I used to own the book store that used to be on Willis Ave in Albertson and currently sell online through the “usual” outlets. Nothing collectible along your lines but plenty of the popular fare. Stop by the blog and let me know what you think.

    • Dear Greg,

      Hi, great to hear from you!! I hadn’t updated my blog recently,
      hoping to soon again. I’d forgotten or had no idea there had been
      a bookstore on Willis Avenue in Albertson, I may or may not have
      been there many years ago, but offhand I don’t recall it–the only
      place I did frequent years ago on Willis Ave. was the famous
      and lamented Waterloo Hobbies, the RPG gaming and strategy-gaming
      shop that was a fixture in Mineola and L.I. for years, they also once
      had a shop in Stony Brook as well, I think both of their shops
      closed in the late 1980s or early 1990s at the latest. Anyway, yeah that guy’s shop
      in Bellmore wasn’t too swift, I don’t recommend it at all.
      Will check out your blog, it looks good thus far. Nowadays we have
      basically no indie book shops on L.I., perhaps a few way out east,
      and Book Revue in Huntington is still going strong, but I find it’s
      not as great selection-wise or stock-wise as once it was, but it’s still
      a store worth visiting, even so. In terms of Fantasy, SF or Horror
      rare and antiquarian books, online is the way to go, really, these days,
      although some of the prices, as I keep complaining about, are getting
      really out of hand.


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