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About me: I’m Scott Briggs, a writer and media and music nut from Long Island, N.Y.,

who has been involved since the early 1980s with H. P. Lovecraft and other “classic”

weird fiction fandom and scholarship, small press writing activities in the Esoteric Order of Dagon

amateur press association, as well as small press and professional publishing, and more recently having my stuff

published with Greenwood Press and McFarland Inc., mostly on weird fiction and

literary topics, although the past few years I also was reviewing films for http://www.film-forward.com

as well as a regular staff reviewer.  I’m also, of course, a serious book/antiquarian/ltd. edition

and signed edition collector, and also a serious music and film collector/aficionado,

particularly rock music, punk, gothic, new wave, indie, blues, modern classical and

some jazz artists as well.   I also love to play guitar but as a left-handed guitarist with lessons

long behind me I find it a challenge sometimes.   I also enjoy films of all kinds, concerts,

art, museums, good food, ethnic cuisine, and attending conventions and such once

in a while.    I’m very picky about what kinds of horror, SF and fantasy fiction I enjoy:

mostly the old classic authors including Lovecraft and related, but very little modern

authors minus a few like Ramsey Campbell, Peter Straub, Stephen King, Dennis

Etchison, Thomas Ligotti, et al. I was never a big fan of splatterpunk or gory type

horror, only mildly interested in Clive Barker though I once was and met him once

on L.I. which was weird!  With SF I’m even more picky, not a huge fan of Hard

SF, but big into Frank Herbert and DUNE, Ray Bradbury, William Gibson, cyberpunk,

and classic non-genre SF like Brave New World, 1984, and the classics of

the genre such as it were.  Also love authors like Charles Bukowski, Baudelaire,

Rimbaud, Blake, the Beats, Burroughs, Hart Crane, hardboiled detective/noir

fiction like Chandler and Cornell Woolrich, David Goodis, and dig indie and

cult film and especially foreign/French new wave cinema esp. the noir type

such as the films of Jean-Pierre Melville Le Cercle Rouge, etc.

Basically right now I’m a freelance writer with a fabulous B.F.A. degree

in Media and Arts/Sciences.  I went to Hostra University for one year

ages ago but didn’t love it, graduated from NYIT Old Westbury, L.I.,

in 1992.   And I’ve lived all my life on L.I. basically, god help me,

the land of shopping malls, big hair, and no decent book or record

stores to really speak of.   I’m single, feisty, and love cats and

not big into dogs overmuch.  The only time I like “Dogs ” is when

I’m listening to the Pink Floyd album ANIMALS.

I don’t make a big thing of it, actually, but I’ve been a serious

Pink Floyd fanatic for many years, would also welcome hearing

from Floyd fans near and far.  I haven’t seen the latest Roger

Waters shows here since I don’t have $10000 to spend on

the concert tickets, alas.


Posted July 4, 2012 by deathofthebookstoreandweirdfictionetc

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